Who We Are

President, Martha Tykodi


Vice President, Pat Murphy


Secretary, Doris Dixon


Treasurer, Cheryl Hayes


Etna Township Representative,

Astrid & Roger Pickering


HarrisonTownship Representative,

Priscilla Gurile


Jersey Township Representative,

Milly Shaffer


Pataskala Representative, Tom Caw


Webpage, Dale & Rickie Kay Longfellow


The members and volunteers who comprise the West Licking County Historical Society come from a variety of backgrounds and career fields.The one thing we all have in common is our love for West Licking County and to preserve the history of our communities.††

Of our 100 members, many live out of the area, but have roots here in West Licking County.†† Of those who live in the area some still live on their ancestral lands, and even in their ancestor's homes.††† Now let's go for a trip back in time to learn the origin of the West Licking Historical Society.

In 1976 to commemorate our nationís bicentennial, Martha and Tom Tykodi of Pataskala pulled a small committee together to research, write and publish People Make The Difference.This bicentennial publication documents the people and the rich history of West Licking County.Today, more than 30 years after it was published, People Make The Difference has become a historic collectible as notable as the history it contains.It is still in print and available for purchase from our society.

In 1995, the committee reunited and with a few more volunteers researched, wrote and published the impressive 1100-page publication, Preservation 2000.†† This publication contains not only numerous historic photographs and data, but also hundreds of family trees from families in all the communities of West Licking County!Numerous copies of this publication have been sold, and although the huge, hard cover volume is out of print, the three-volume soft cover issue is still available for purchase from our society.

Upon the initial release of Preservation 2000, it became apparent from the public's response that a large interest in local history was present among West Licking County residents, former residents and others with ancestry or other connections in the West Licking area.†† The Preservation 2000 organization responded to the community's interest by modifying its not-for-profit articles to become the West Licking Historical Society.Several hundred people attended its charter meeting in Pataskala in 2000.

Today the West Licking Historical Society officers and volunteers are active and dedicated in preserving our area's past through community events, photographs, workshops and seminars, genealogy, and our own published works.We participate in community events such as the Pataskala Christmas Parade and the Pataskala Street Fair and summer parade, the Outville Christmas Parade and Bean Dinner, and the annual National Road Flea Market, to name a few.†† We donate to other worthy causes and participate with other community groups to educate the public about the importance of preserving area history and genealogy.

Each year in August we have our own booth at the annual Pataskala Street Fair where we sell our books, our Stand-ups, designed by local artist and West Licking member and volunteer, Dean Ramsey, historic photographs, magnets and other memorabilia of our community.

At that time we also encourage new members to join, while current members renew their memberships.We welcome our members to volunteer in our booth, as well as to serve on our committees and at special events.

Please join today.Make wonderful new friends, make a difference in our community, and help us to preserve our West Licking County heritage.


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